Answering The Broken Hearted’s Battle Cry: “Help! I Want to Get My Ex Back!”

“Help! I want to get my ex back!”

Couple Holding Hands In A Field Of Grass

Bring back the fun and reconnect!

The message is loud and clear.  You’ve made the decision to rectify things with your ex.  You’ve realized that parting ways wasn’t the best decision, and saving your relationship is worth it.  You want to get back together.

But now the question becomes, how do you go about it?  What steps do you need to take to turn your ex’s negative emotions into something positive?  Do you call?  Do you drive over to his or her house?  Do you text?  Do you do nothing at all and wait for your ex to get in touch with you?

Confusion always surrounds a breakup.  Confusing emotions.  Confused on what to do.  Confused about what to say.  It’s hard to know what to do without second guessing yourself the entire time.

It’s definitely possible to get your ex back.  Couples breakup and get back together every single day.  Sometimes it works out.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  But there are certainly strategies you can employ to simplify the process of getting your ex back.

One of my favorite methods is using text messages.  But not just any text messages.  For example, don’t send your ex the types of texts shown in this video:

The texts I’m talking about don’t make you look needy, desperate, or weak.  Instead, they help you build a new, better relationship with your ex from the ground up.  I’m talking about things like Across The Bow texts, Best of Relationship Texts, Green Eyed Monster texts, Intimacy Booster Texts, and Attraction texts.  All of these can be found inside the Text Your Ex Back guide by Michael Fiore.

What I love about these texts is how they help you patch things up regardless of the mistakes you’ve already made and regardless of what’s currently going on with your ex.  Even if your ex is seeing someone else, these texts can help break down the barriers currently keeping you apart.  Inside the guide, Michael Fiore calls the process “text judo”.

I don’t know your exact situation, but if you want help getting your ex back, it’s definitely worth a try!


Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed?

Diabetes Rating Scale GraphicAlmost 10% of the American population is afflicted with diabetes. This amounts to roughly 30 million people.

In 2012, 1.7 million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed by medical professionals. The number of cases is on the rise in the United States, and it’s one of the most prevalent disorders in existence today. This is due in part to the extremely unhealthy and increasingly sedentary lifestyles many Americans choose to live.

Diabetes is not necessarily a fatal illness, but it most certainly can be. About three and half million people die globally on an annual basis due to complications stemming from the disease. Following a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes (the most common form of the disorder), most sufferers want to know if there’s any way to reverse the symptoms of diabetes via healthier lifestyle choices.

So, can Type 2 diabetes be reversed? The Diabetes Destroyer certainly makes a strong case that it can.

Up until recent years, diabetes was considered a lifelong disease by the scientific community. But studies conducted over the past few decades indicate diabetes can be reversed in many cases if certain conditions are met.

If you want to reverse diabetes, it helps if you’ve only had the condition for a short time, it’s not too severe, and you’re not genetically predisposed towards the disorder.

Let’s talk about a few steps you can take to successfully reverse diabetes following a negative diagnosis:

1. Exercise

Exercise is absolutely crucial. There are no two ways about it. Regular exercise helps reduce body fat and subsequently improves your metabolism and helps keep your blood sugar balanced. It also improves your sensitivity to insulin and can stave off certain complications associated with the disease.

Additionally, exercising on a regular basis results in a healthier overall body condition. It helps you lose weight and may prevent future health problems. Until they design a magic pill that does everything for you without requiring you to lift a finger, exercise should be a regular part of your daily routine.

2. Supplements

There are numerous vitamin and mineral supplements that assist in reversing Type 2 diabetes. Fish oil is incredibly effective at improving insulin sensitivity, reducing inflammation, and lowering cholesterol. Magnesium, multivitamins, B-complex, and Biotin all show great potential for reducing the symptoms of diabetes as well

More research is necessary, but the initial results from multiple studies means those currently living with Type 2 diabetes can be optimistic about reversing the disease and living a life free from its constraints.

3. Stress

Can Type 2 diabetes be reversed? Yes, it can, but reducing stress needs to be part of that equation.

Stress is a killer. Literally, it alone triggers numerous health malfunctions that result in debilitating and occasionally fatal illnesses. The onset of stress is also linked to blood sugar imbalance and connected to weight gain, inflammation, and insulin resistance.

So how do you effectively combat stress on a daily basis?

Well, one great way is meditation. Now, you don’t have to sit in a rigid position and chant “om” until you’re blue in the face, but finding some quiet time to reflect in a comfortable chair or sitting on the ground can greatly improve your mood, while simultaneously reducing stress levels and helping to reverse diabetes.

How To Get A Girlfriend Without Rejection

man approaching a beautiful woman

Never let the fear of rejection stop you from approaching an attractive woman.

One of the forces most likely to stifle any would be social interaction is rejection. In fact, rejection looms large for anyone gathering their moxie to ask for a date.

We all know rejection hurts. In fact, a 2003 study using an fMRI machine demonstrated that social rejection activates brain areas also associated with physical pain. Individuals who have experienced repeated rejections or negative experiences can even develop a condition referred to as rejection sensitivity, a psychological issue which can have impacts on social interactions and especially romantic relationships.

Search online for dating advice and you find no shortage of information from random bloggers, self proclaimed “Pickup Artists,” sex gurus, and “relationship know how wizards”. But all too frequently, these sources are blowing hot air, and their supposedly foolproof methods of getting a date are not what they claim to be.

In reality, romantic relationships are a fickle business. There is no secret bullet to always avoiding rejection, but one can try to read the signals and situation to maximize the odds of success. If you’re a man searching for a girlfriend, Newspaper Cat suggests using a system called GFAS V2 that can greatly reduce the risk of rejection when it comes to attracting women.

The Main Reason For Rejection

Time and time again, scientific studies have demonstrated that the primary factor behind initiating a romantic relationship is the physical attractiveness of both parties. As far back as 1968, studies in dating demonstrated a “high correlation between attractiveness and desire to date.”  This is certainly no secret: first impressions are largely based on appearance.

As such, in the first stages of the dating game, if one tries to secure a date and is not immediately physically attractive to the other party, it is unlikely to be successful. Studies in men’s selection of partners have demonstrated this.

When given a choice between various women who the men are shown pictures and short profiles of, if the men are told there is no chance of rejection, they consistently select more physically attractive mates. But when it is left ambiguous if they will be accepted or denied, men seem to gauge their odds of success based on the physical attractiveness of the person they’re selecting, as well as their own perceptions of themselves, often selecting less attractive partners to maximize their chance of success.

The Other Side Of The Coin

Despite physical attractiveness being one of the most important early factors, especially for those who have just met (or never met, as in studies above), it seems that for long term relationships and marriages, partner selection is a more complicated beast. A study showed that in a group of 197 college couples, discrepancies in the physical attractiveness of partners varied much more widely than would be expected based on selection studies like the ones mentioned above.

These studies tend to indicate there are plenty of real world complexities in human relationships which are not likely to be completely understood in the scientific literature anytime soon. As such, even if two people aren’t well matched to each others standards of physical attractiveness, there may still be plenty of features in their personality which are attractive enough to build a relationship on.

Avoiding Rejection

So what can you learn from all of this that will help you get a girlfriend without rejection?  It all comes down to putting yourself out there.

As we mentioned at the outset of this article, there is no sure fire way to avoid rejection. Project confidence, be genuine, be interesting, do all that you can to be at your best in terms of physical appearance, and understand that rejection is just part of the process.  Even the richest, most attractive men on the planet get rejected at one time or another, so don’t take it personally.

In reality, the less you worry about rejection and the more you focus on just having fun and enjoying the dating process, the more attractive you ultimately become to women.

How To Turn A Girl Who Is A Friend Into A Girlfriend

Most romantic relationships begin slowly as a couple gets to know each other and evaluates how they interact together. An important component of this is chemistry; it’s one of those things that is either there or it isn’t. If it isn’t, any form of a romantic relationship is doomed from the start.

man who is stuck in the friend zone

When you become the shoulder she cries on when other guys break her heart, then you know the dreaded friend-zone has turned you into one of her best “girlfriends”.

The problem starts when one of the parties involved has significantly more intense feelings than the other. In the vernacular, one person wants to take the relationship to a romantic/sexual level and the other ‘just wants to be friends’. There are gender differences in why this happens, but the solution to ‘friend zone’ status is effective for both men and women.

For a man, you know you’re in the friend zone when she starts acting ‘too comfortable’ around you. She quits making an effort to ‘be attractive’ for you or to otherwise gain your favor. You become a lower priority–someone she’ll get together with when she can’t get a ‘real date’. She’ll start droning on and on about all of her problems, including her romantic and sexual problems with other men. She’ll also start trying to elicit the same type of emotional disclosure from you.

Congratulations! You’ve become one of her ‘girlfriends’.

Prevention Is The Best Solution

Much like forest fires and communicable disease outbreaks, the best way to fix the ‘friend zone’ problem is to not get into it in the first place.  Men get into this situation because they are ‘too nice’ and too deferential to the woman’s needs.

Ironically, women get ‘friend-zoned’ for the same reason–the man won’t emphatically clarify the relationship status out of concern for ‘her feelings’. This lack of a backbone is really just a rationalization whereby the man procrastinates the inevitable hoping it’ll ‘take care of itself’.

The need for brevity in this article prohibits a comprehensive outline of the masculine traits that make you less susceptible to being ‘friend-zoned’. But know this–the moment a woman comes with the ‘let’s just be friends’ mea culpa your immediate reaction is crucial not only to any chance of a future relationship with her, but to your self- respect as well.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should be a jerk. You can even interact with the female in question on a social level. That being said, it’s imperative that you don’t do anything to suggest that you’re happy with the ‘consolation prize’ of being her ‘B.F.F.’

If you’re worried about getting placed in the friend zone, here’s something that can help.  Thousands of men have used it successfully to stay out of the friend zone (or get out if you’re already there) and create a sexual relationship with the girl they really want:

Make Yourself Your Top Priority

The only way to be happy long term is to live with passion, integrity, and self-respect. The way to build self-respect is to understand that it’s not selfish to prioritize yourself and your needs. By not subjugating your needs to curry favor with women, you simultaneously inoculate yourself against being ‘friend zoned’ and, if you want, to redefine a relationship with a woman who put you there.

This ethos can’t be a manipulative subterfuge. ‘Faking it’ to attract a woman is the antithesis of ‘self-respect.’ It’s time to become the type of guy you want to be and the man women want to be with.

The first step is to quit being needy. Quit ‘jumping’ just because a woman wants you to.

Specific to the one that has recently ‘friend-zoned’ you, you need to limit your availability. In fact, the best idea is to cut off contact and move on in life. Unless a woman was completely ‘using you’, she’ll notice when you’re not a constant presence.

Start investing in yourself, and you’ll not only have greater value in her eyes, but also make yourself more attractive to other women.

Recalibrating The Relationship

Once you genuinely start to built confidence and self-respect by living in symmetry with your personal values, great things happen. There’s a very good chance that the girl who put you in the ‘friend zone’ will start to see you in a different light. Don’t be surprised if she starts working to get your attention, dressing sexy around you, and otherwise treating you as a high-value commodity.

If your transformation is legitimate, you’ll respond differently and with less weakness. If she acts in a manner that pleases you, reward her with your attention and appreciation.  Not to play ‘hard to get’ but because this is how a man who values himself and what he has to offer responds.

The dynamic will be crystal clear to you at this point. Men who prioritize their needs and live with passion, integrity, and self-respect don’t have problems meeting women or keeping their interest. Men who are weak willed, ‘too nice’, or otherwise unsure of their self-worth will have an endless series of ‘female problems’ until they wise up or give up.

Once you attain consonance between what you want and how you live, you’ll have plenty of women, but they’ll no longer be higher priority than yourself.



How To Ask Out A Coworker Without Being Creepy

Asking out a coworker can be a tricky situation, but can also be well worth it!

Asking out a coworker can be a tricky situation, but can also be well worth it!

You love your job (or at least the fact that it pays the bills), and understand that dating someone from the office could complicate things. Not only does asking someone out put you at risk for a sexual harassment claim, it could also make daily work life extremely uncomfortable when you have to see someone that turned you down.

But, what if Sally from accounting or Tom from sales is just too attractive to pass by any longer? If you’re okay with taking the risk, there is a methodology to asking out a co-worker. It’s not guaranteed to work, but it does minimize the chance of you getting fired, and is listed out in the steps below.

1. Get Socializing!

If you don’t already have a social relationship with the person you’re interested in at work, then it’s time to get social. Don’t start out by just going up to them and talking about yourself. Instead, talk to other people in your workplace and get to know them.

As you grow to know more people in your office, you’ll naturally come into contact with the person that you like. Once this happens, talk casually to them in a group setting, and keep the subjects neutral.

2. Get Out!

You need to get out of the office with your coworkers on a regular basis. For example, go out with a friend on your team for lunch one day, and regularly invite more and more people to come with you.

Gradually work your way up to happy hours or other social events that others are interested in. Converse during all of these outings, and be as social as you can while still getting to know other people.

3. Approach The Outings With Your Crush

So now that you’re more of a social butterfly at work, it’s time to talk to the person you’re interested in about the outings that you’ve been doing with co-workers. In order to do this properly, casually bring it up when you’re having a group conversation and they are around.

Ask them if they’ve been (this shows you’re not stalking them waiting for them to come), and why they haven’t attended. Mention that next time you have a group outing they should come, and leave it at that!

4. Time To Invite

This is the step that you have to follow carefully if you want to reduce your risk of things blowing up in your face.

Set up a group outing (say to a happy hour), and invite most of the usual people via work e-mail. Once you have about 6 people signed up, invite the person you like via e-mail as well.


For example, say “Hey Alex, a group of us are going out to a happy hour at Lou’s Tavern on Wed, you in?” This is the perfect invite, because if they complain to HR, you haven’t technically done anything wrong. And, if they say yes, you can anticipate seeing them outside of the office environment!

5. Enjoying The Outing

Once you’re out and the person that you like is there, make sure not to make things all about them. Talk as a group and still be social with other people, but try and include them in the conversation.

If you end up talking a little bit on your own, that’s a great thing! You’ll be able to use signs from them during your conversation to determine if a date is in the works, and then go from there.

Don’t rush things! If a few outings is required before you have the signs you need to ask them out on a future date, then wait! It’ll be worth it, and will put a lot less stress on your shoulders as well.

Most importantly, have fun!

What’s The Key To A Happy Relationship? Here’s 7 Habits Of Women Who Live Happy

Life is good!

Life is good!

Ever felt somewhat jealous about a friend’s relationship?  It is normal to feel a bit jealous about your friend’s love life especially if things on your side are not going well.  This happens more often when your best friends shares how things in their relationship are perfect and how the guy cares about her.

This happens but always remember love is not something you can just fix in a day and have things working for you. One has to learn some few things that you will slowly in-cultivate into your relationship and with time things will change. Your boring love life will turn into something amazing and you will find yourself in some happy relationship where both parties enjoy one another’s company.

7 things that women do to remain happily in a relationship

1 Getting high together (not like that)

Women who focus more on high moods found themselves in happy relationship unlike women who always engage in arguments with their partners. Things like cuddling and laughing together comprise the high moods while low moods involve things like arguments on small matters like house chores.

Negative feelings are created whenever women argue with their partners and this always creates a disconnection making partners stay apart instead of bonding.  Women who focus on the positive qualities of their partners always find themselves in happy relationship always.

2 Are always sure on their choice

Once in a relationship, everything must be done together by both partners as they try build each other.  Ask yourself if your partner is your choice for the lifetime before fully committing yourself. Once you’re sure of that, you will remain happy in that relationship.

3 Don’t judge immediately

Women who live happily with their partners always take their time before making any decisions about their partners. They put their angry feelings away and always know that nobody is perfect. They always try understanding why the man decided on something before judging them.  Your partner may not live up to your expectations but this does not mean they don’t care and love you.  Always take time to understand them before deciding on anything.

4 Share the dark sides

They never suffer alone. Open the kimono and share your darkest moments with your partner. This way, your partner will understand you much better and feel comfortable to share his own dark moments.

This way, you will be at easy with your partner and you will be more connected.

5 They dare themselves and rise to challenges

Personal development is better tested in a relationship where things like commitments, trust, forgiveness and empathy are put to test. In any relationship, there are numerous challenges faced. But how you rise up and face them will impact a lot on the outcome of the relationship.

Women who have faced such challenges and broken the bad cycle in a relationship live happily as they know everything is possible.

6 They know everything in a relationship is not about them

Do you get angry whenever he does not reply your text? In most cases, their behavior has to do much to what is going on with them and not about you.  If he doesn’t give you the attention you deserve, don’t equity it to lack of love. Instead try understanding what he is going through and you will realize it has nothing to do with his feelings about you.

7 Forget the romance for a moment

Every woman loves to be romanced and treated like a queen. But remember relationships are not only about chocolates, flowers and romantic dates. They are mostly influenced by the day to day decisions we make or those we don’t make.

Don’t expect your relationship to be like the end of good romantic movie. Instead ask yourself this question; Are you the type of woman who will embrace the seven habits above and help turn your relationship into a happy one?

Guess you have learned what you need to do as a woman to live happily, now you can share with us why you think some women live happily and not others

How To Get A Woman To Commit To A Long Term Relationship


Use dates to create fun emotional bonding experiences…

What comes to a man’s mind after winning the heart of that special person is how to make her commit, settle down and the relationship to last. It is a wonderful notion, but the charm of love in the first few days doesn’t last for long. Normally, men find out that in a relationship there are false hopes and many unfulfilled promises, particularly when resistance starts to mount due to misunderstandings on simple issues. Hence, if you are faced with such a situation, don’t panic, here are fascinating tips for how to get a woman to commit to a long term relationship that can assist you.

Tip #1: Spend time together

It is essential that you don’t get too busy to an extent that you have no time for her. Don’t miss out on each other for long by creating avenues that you can spend valuable time together. As such, it isn’t about just making time to be together, but making that time memorable. Hence, engage in activities that are fun like going for regular workouts together and ensure that you have similar long term goals.

Tip #2: Be gentle and understanding

Getting a woman to commit goes a long way with showing endless love, overlooking her deficiencies and dealing with mistakes kindly. It is about making her feel special and that she is understood. Hence, spend your time and money to buy her something that she likes, be there for her at all times and give her hope.  This way you will see your relationship blossom and make her commit for a long term period.

Tip #3: Be honest and never cheat on her

It is also critical that you stay honest and never cheat on her to convince her to commit for a long term period. Cheating is known to spoil relationships; hence you should avoid it at all costs. This is because being with another woman would make her feel deficient. Therefore, stick to your words and always tell her the truth.

Tip #4: Communicate with each other

As a man, you should be able to handle misunderstandings carefully by communicating the right words to her in the right manner. If you have something that you don’t like about her, don’t be sarcastic about it, but be firm on the issue and make her aware about it. Additionally, you should be always soft on her even when she makes mistakes rather than attacking her. You should as well be there to listen to her, understand what she wants in the long term and be supportive.


Make use of the above tips and rest assured that she will commit for a long term, making the relationship lead to marriage and love to blossom after your marriage.

How To Get A Girlfriend In College: 3 Tips To Find The Girl Who’s Right For You

Knowing how to get a girlfriend in college can enrich your life and provide you with an emotional connection that can help you through the tougher times of college.  Being envious of your other friends who have girlfriends can be a thing of the past if you’re willing to take these tips under advisement and enrich the quality of your life.

Expand Your Social Circle

double date: how to get a girlfriend in college

Get yourself a hottie in colllege!

You’re not going to find a girlfriend by hanging out with the same friends’ day in and day out.  If any of them were interested in you, they would have said so already!

In order to know how to get a girlfriend in college, you have to be willing to go outside of the boundaries of your friendships with other people.  Become involved in social activities and events that offer you the chances to meet new people.  Find study groups for your favorite class or start one of your own to find a girl that may be having the same problems in class that you have, and you can work through the problems together.

Project The Best You

If you have any female friends, they can help you out on why you don’t have a girlfriend currently.  They can provide you with helpful tips that you need in order to improve your image or curb an annoying habit that has been turning girls off for years.

Don’t take this as advice to be anyone but you; a fake personality is a sure way to send a girl in the opposite direction.  Rather, it should be taken as a suggestion to improve your good qualities and minimize on the bad ones.  If you know how to get a girlfriend in college after improving yourself, then you’ll have no problems.

Don’t Be Shy And Take A Chance

Don’t be afraid to speak up when you have an opinion about something, whether it’s in class or social settings.  Building up your confidence is a guaranteed way to get you talking to that girl you has an interest in without stumbling over your words.  Being shy won’t get you anywhere close to becoming involved, if you can’t even open your mouth to speak.

On the other hand, you don’t want to be too talkative when you finally ask that girl out.  It should be an exchange, not a domination of the conversation.

Only raise points that are relevant, and refrain from turning the conversation towards you all the time.  She may start to think that you’re more interested in yourself than in her.

Learning how to get a girlfriend in college is all about finding the right balance, not being afraid to take a chance and put yourself out there, and being open to possibilities that are all around you.

GFAS Girlfriend System

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