How To Get A Girlfriend Without Rejection

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Never let the fear of rejection stop you from approaching an attractive woman.

One of the forces most likely to stifle any would be social interaction is rejection. In fact, rejection looms large for anyone gathering their moxie to ask for a date.

We all know rejection hurts. In fact, a 2003 study using an fMRI machine demonstrated that social rejection activates brain areas also associated with physical pain. Individuals who have experienced repeated rejections or negative experiences can even develop a condition referred to as rejection sensitivity, a psychological issue which can have impacts on social interactions and especially romantic relationships.

Search online for dating advice and you find no shortage of information from random bloggers, self proclaimed “Pickup Artists,” sex gurus, and “relationship know how wizards”. But all too frequently, these sources are blowing hot air, and their supposedly foolproof methods of getting a date are not what they claim to be.

In reality, romantic relationships are a fickle business. There is no secret bullet to always avoiding rejection, but one can try to read the signals and situation to maximize the odds of success. If you’re a man searching for a girlfriend, Newspaper Cat suggests using a system called GFAS V2 that can greatly reduce the risk of rejection when it comes to attracting women.

The Main Reason For Rejection

Time and time again, scientific studies have demonstrated that the primary factor behind initiating a romantic relationship is the physical attractiveness of both parties. As far back as 1968, studies in dating demonstrated a “high correlation between attractiveness and desire to date.”  This is certainly no secret: first impressions are largely based on appearance.

As such, in the first stages of the dating game, if one tries to secure a date and is not immediately physically attractive to the other party, it is unlikely to be successful. Studies in men’s selection of partners have demonstrated this.

When given a choice between various women who the men are shown pictures and short profiles of, if the men are told there is no chance of rejection, they consistently select more physically attractive mates. But when it is left ambiguous if they will be accepted or denied, men seem to gauge their odds of success based on the physical attractiveness of the person they’re selecting, as well as their own perceptions of themselves, often selecting less attractive partners to maximize their chance of success.

The Other Side Of The Coin

Despite physical attractiveness being one of the most important early factors, especially for those who have just met (or never met, as in studies above), it seems that for long term relationships and marriages, partner selection is a more complicated beast. A study showed that in a group of 197 college couples, discrepancies in the physical attractiveness of partners varied much more widely than would be expected based on selection studies like the ones mentioned above.

These studies tend to indicate there are plenty of real world complexities in human relationships which are not likely to be completely understood in the scientific literature anytime soon. As such, even if two people aren’t well matched to each others standards of physical attractiveness, there may still be plenty of features in their personality which are attractive enough to build a relationship on.

Avoiding Rejection

So what can you learn from all of this that will help you get a girlfriend without rejection?  It all comes down to putting yourself out there.

As we mentioned at the outset of this article, there is no sure fire way to avoid rejection. Project confidence, be genuine, be interesting, do all that you can to be at your best in terms of physical appearance, and understand that rejection is just part of the process.  Even the richest, most attractive men on the planet get rejected at one time or another, so don’t take it personally.

In reality, the less you worry about rejection and the more you focus on just having fun and enjoying the dating process, the more attractive you ultimately become to women.

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