What’s The Key To A Happy Relationship? Here’s 7 Habits Of Women Who Live Happy

Life is good!

Life is good!

Ever felt somewhat jealous about a friend’s relationship?  It is normal to feel a bit jealous about your friend’s love life especially if things on your side are not going well.  This happens more often when your best friends shares how things in their relationship are perfect and how the guy cares about her.

This happens but always remember love is not something you can just fix in a day and have things working for you. One has to learn some few things that you will slowly in-cultivate into your relationship and with time things will change. Your boring love life will turn into something amazing and you will find yourself in some happy relationship where both parties enjoy one another’s company.

7 things that women do to remain happily in a relationship

1 Getting high together (not like that)

Women who focus more on high moods found themselves in happy relationship unlike women who always engage in arguments with their partners. Things like cuddling and laughing together comprise the high moods while low moods involve things like arguments on small matters like house chores.

Negative feelings are created whenever women argue with their partners and this always creates a disconnection making partners stay apart instead of bonding.  Women who focus on the positive qualities of their partners always find themselves in happy relationship always.

2 Are always sure on their choice

Once in a relationship, everything must be done together by both partners as they try build each other.  Ask yourself if your partner is your choice for the lifetime before fully committing yourself. Once you’re sure of that, you will remain happy in that relationship.

3 Don’t judge immediately

Women who live happily with their partners always take their time before making any decisions about their partners. They put their angry feelings away and always know that nobody is perfect. They always try understanding why the man decided on something before judging them.  Your partner may not live up to your expectations but this does not mean they don’t care and love you.  Always take time to understand them before deciding on anything.

4 Share the dark sides

They never suffer alone. Open the kimono and share your darkest moments with your partner. This way, your partner will understand you much better and feel comfortable to share his own dark moments.

This way, you will be at easy with your partner and you will be more connected.

5 They dare themselves and rise to challenges

Personal development is better tested in a relationship where things like commitments, trust, forgiveness and empathy are put to test. In any relationship, there are numerous challenges faced. But how you rise up and face them will impact a lot on the outcome of the relationship.

Women who have faced such challenges and broken the bad cycle in a relationship live happily as they know everything is possible.

6 They know everything in a relationship is not about them

Do you get angry whenever he does not reply your text? In most cases, their behavior has to do much to what is going on with them and not about you.  If he doesn’t give you the attention you deserve, don’t equity it to lack of love. Instead try understanding what he is going through and you will realize it has nothing to do with his feelings about you.

7 Forget the romance for a moment

Every woman loves to be romanced and treated like a queen. But remember relationships are not only about chocolates, flowers and romantic dates. They are mostly influenced by the day to day decisions we make or those we don’t make.

Don’t expect your relationship to be like the end of good romantic movie. Instead ask yourself this question; Are you the type of woman who will embrace the seven habits above and help turn your relationship into a happy one?

Guess you have learned what you need to do as a woman to live happily, now you can share with us why you think some women live happily and not others

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